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Copyright Notice

These midi files are not in the public domain! Though the tunes (melody and lyrics) are public domain the arrangements and the midi sequences are not.
One tune in the collection is not in the public domain, Flower of Scotland, written by the late Roy Williamson of The Corries. Through its phenomenal popularity, this tune has been adopted by Scots worldwide as the unofficial national anthem of Scotland.

Without seeking permission you may...
Download and enjoy these midi sequences.
Distribute the collection zip files via bulletin board systems, FTP sites and shareware libraries... provided that you include a copy of this ReadMe file.
Use a midi for embedded background music on your personal or commercial web pages, provided that you include a simple acknowledgement, such as "Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."
Use a midi for background music in Outlook Express stationery. In this instance no acknowledgement is necessary. However, you may not link directly to this site in your stationery. The reason for this is that when you put the tunebook url in your e-mail when people open up your mail they access this site (even though they are not aware of it). When there is too much traffic the site slows down and when there are too many people accessing it, people may receive an error message and not be able to access it at all. If you do not have server space or know how to use your space, your only option is to do search for one of the many "unofficial" copies of the tunebook - and ask their policy.
Offer multiple files for download from your WWW site provided that you include a visible acknowledgement such as "Midi files sequenced by Barry Taylor."

You may not...
Distribute or re-post altered versions of these midi sequences.
Sell or charge a fee for the use of these midi files.
Publish these sequences either in electronic (e.g., CD) or hard copy form.
Transform and repost / redistribute these midi files as karaoke (.kar) files.
Link directly to any of these midis on this server.
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May I use these midis on my web site?
Yes, you may, but as these midis and musical arrangements are copyrighted there are a few restrictions. These are explained in the ReadMe file. (see above. lbw)