Have you ever dreamed about seeing a butterfly grow from moth to butterfly?
Well, here are 10 Papilio Machaon butterflies starting as baby moths. They're quite alive indeed:

* moths react to mouse touch and click

(a) by coiling themselves up or
(b) showing their shiny orange horns

* react to contact with other moths

* cast their slough

* grow

* walk by random here and there

* turn into chrysalis

* metamorphose in touchy butterflies and fly away from your screen fast.

Of course, real moths would to be fed by leaves (or fennel in this case) and wouldn't grow that fast (the whole process takes several weeks!)
But until you get the moths and the proper installation, this gives you an insight on this insect's life.
(Please allow several minutes for the whole virtual metamorphis to evolve.)






Monarch Caterpillar
Monarch Caterpillar


The Cocoon


I found a cocoon

That a caterpillar made,

Fastened to a leaf

Hanging in the shade.

He barely had room

To wiggle or wag,

Like me zipped up

In my sleeping bag.


Monarch Chrystalis
Monarch Chrysalis


I looked each time

That I passed his way,

But he never budged

Until just today.

Something happened!


He wagged and wiggled

And then climbed out

And carefullly jiggled

Small wet wings

That grew as they dried.

He'd turned to a butterfly Inside!

Author Unknown


Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly

Photographs by "Lyle"

Many thanks to Xavier Singy for the use of his "aniMagiX/machaon" programming.